Our Services

The Griffin Group has skilled and experienced professionals to help you with all of your financial and business needs.

 Services we offer include, but are not limited to: 

Tax Services

Management Consulting


Advisory Services

Nearly every transaction a company or individual completes, either domestic or international, has direct or indirect tax consequences. 

Our tax experts are here to help you comply with tax laws while ensuring tax efficiency. In conjunction with our advisory services, tax planning strategies include timing of income, timing of purchases, planning for expenditures, and size. Tax planning is a critical success factor for small as well as large businesses in order to achieve business-related goals

If you are interested in Personal Tax Services, please fill out our Personal Income Tax Checklist and Contact Us.

We are professional experts who provide solutions and strategies to improve the financial and operational health of an organization. 

As objective third-party analyzers of a company, our firm can provide guidance, advice, and support to help clients develop and execute optimal strategic and operational decisions.  The recommendations made by our team are backed by current industry data and research, along with over 25 years of consulting experience. 

Our firm offers a range of accounting solutions, including end-of-month and end-of-year bookkeeping, computerized payroll services, accounts payable and receivable management, and anything else our customers require. We specialize in using QuickBooks, but can utilize other financial programs to best suit your needs. 

By helping keep company accounts and records current, your management team has real-time information available in making business decisions and can enhance its efficiency through appropriate working capital management, both of which improve profitability and cash flow.

Businesses, organizations, and governments face a complex and ever-changing environment, which requires them to continuously adapt and be compliant with new industry requirements, tax rules, and regulations.


Our service offering is designed to reflect client priorities through trusted relationships, deep industry knowledge and professional experience.